Every Saturdays and Sundays are non-banking days
The first day of January
Tuesday, 1 January
The first day of the Lunar New Year Tuesday, 5 February
The second day of the Lunar New Year Wednesday, 6 February
The third day of the Lunar New Year Thursday, 7 February
Cheng Ming Festival Friday, 5 April
Good Friday Friday, 19 April
The first weekday following Easter Monday, 22 April
Labor Day Wednesday, 1 May
The first weekday following Buddha’s Birthday Monday, 13 May
Tung Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) Friday, 7 June
The first weekday after the day following Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
Monday, 16 September
National Day
Tuesday, 1 October
Chung Yeung Festival
Monday, 7 October
Macau Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
Friday, 20 December
Christmas Eve Tuesday, 24 December
Christmas Day  
Wednesday, 25 December
The first weekday following Christmas Day Thursday, 26 December
Remark: Holidays falling on Saturdays or Sundays are not shown in the list.